Why train Puppy to Pee Pads

There are several reasons you may want to train your dog to pee pad rather that taking him outside. Very small dogs, companion dogs to the disables, dog that live in apartments, dogs of people who travel, those wintry days when it’s cold and the snow is knee deep. Pee pads are plastic lined disposable pads or a washable variety that absorb urine and are not a messy as newspaper.Most dogs quickly learn that the pee pad ( which contains a pheromone that attracts puppy) is the correct place for them to urinate and will return time after time.
Locate an area where the pee pad won’t interfere with daily routines. This location should be away form the area that the dogs eats and sleeps.. Any where you would put litter box would be a good area for a pee pad. Bring the dog to the pea pad and allow him to get familiar with the pee pad. Take the dog to the pee pad after playtime, eating, and when he wakes up from his naps. Carry you puppy to the pee pad as you don’t want him to potty between the crate or where ever he may be when he is giving a signal that he want to pee.
Gently place puppy on the pee pad and give the selected command to pee or poop. If your puppy tries to get off the pad gently set him back on the pee pad and give the command again. When the puppy has done his business praise him and pet him for doing a good job. Your dog will associate the praise for peeing on the pad. Some dog like to chew on the pee pads so you may have to try several brand until you can find one that he doesn’t like. It won’t take the puppy long to get it right.

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